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Please help before i walk away from FM for good

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I have played this game since it's championship Manager Italia days when it was simple and we didn't need qualifications to know how to play the game..

In all the years i've played i've never once been sacked,i like to play with teams that are big on reputation but have fallen in past years such as Liverpool,Valencia Atletico Madrid etc...teams who give me the challenge to try and bring down the big boys...

In past Fm's i have done this and really enjoyed taking over in a way that Ferguson has done with Man Utd...he toppled Liverpool and is now the big dog...

Well anyway in this years FM i get sacked way before i even think about getting that far....the game is beyond impossible for me...

I started at Valencia....finished 5th....runners up in Europa League....then sacked in 2nd season

Started at Liverpool after quitting and then this happened...


I went with a 4-2-3-1 (4-3-3) formation

Reina (GK defend)

Johnson WB support

Enrique FB Support

Agger CD Cover

Skrtel CD Stopper

Allen CM Support

Lucas CM Defend

Downing Winger Support

Sterling IF Support (but switched him to winger)

Gerrard Attacking Midfielder Support

Suarez Advanced Forward

I set my players to close down their main players but for some reason Johnny Howson,Robert Snodgrass and Grant Holt suddenly turned into Xavi,Iniesta and Messi in one game....everytime they were closed down they simply switched feet and slipped past my players as if i was playing as Woking (no offence to Woking)...

If i close teams down they just jink past my players...if i stand off then they pass around me like it's Barcelona..

I'm beginning to lose patience as no matter what i do i seem to get it wrong...

Help is greatly appreciated thanks..

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Can we have a bit more information - your team instructions, and sliders you have ticked (I hope to God the answer is "I haven't ticked anything"), and precisely what problems you are having.

At the first impressions - you have too many support roles in your team, not enough attack roles. By the sounds of the Norwich players cutting through you with ease it sounds like your shape and/or tackling were poor - which can be down to shouts, strategy or instructions.

All it needs is a logical tactic and system. Have you read wwfan's guide to playing football manager? Seems simple but I can already think of a few things you aren't doing from those 12 points.

Fire up the extra info though and we'll have some help for you mate.

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Thanks for the reply

I had nothing ticked as i want to keep it as simple as i can..

i was balanced and standard and playing counter attacking (counter attack was ticked)

everything else was default

Problems were me getting cut open by average players far too easily....i had no players going forward and Suarez was isolated and never in the game....for some reason Lucas was more forward than Gerrard at times even though i had him as CMD and had him playing defensive and his runs from deep were rarely

Like i said i pressed their better players but nothing happened as they just went through my players as if they weren't there

Also my players couldn't string one pass together without being closed down and eventually we lost the ball a lot,but when my players close down the opposition just switch feet and keep running through on goal.

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I know how you feel because the same happened to me three months ago. Are you playing the latest patch? If not playing the 13.3.3 it can make a difference.

I haven´t play the game much because I started a business and moved to another house but after playing the game for so many years it can be very frustrating not to get consistent results. I achieved some success by promoting AFC Wimbledon to the Championship but after taking the vacancy at Blackburn I was sacked after poor run of results in the following season. I gave it a go to Regina in Italy but soon after I quit the save.

But three months without playing FM is way to loooooong and so here I am again. I´m starting a new save with the latest patch (13.3.3) and things are ok. In that absent I tried to learn a little more about the game (FM and football). Cleon has some great threads that can help you. The last one "The Chalkboard Diaries" can be useful and I finally got time to read Jonathan Wilson´s Inverting The Pyramid. Above all I think that you should keep it simple and only use shouts when needed. I used to have a group of shouts before kick off but not any more. I think that at the same time can be very useful but can also ruin your tactic.

I personally don´t play the 4231 formation since the CM series because very few teams have the right player for it. You need two very good all around MC´s and Liverpool clearly don´t have it. In that game particulary against Norwich you probably lost most of the challenges in the air. Lucas and Allen aren´t the best headers in the world and Tetteh itself should be enough to deal with them. Another thing you can try is to give Glen Johnson and Stuart Downing an attack duty and have Lucas (or other suitable player) to cover the right side of the midfield. I probably gave Lucas the ball winning role defend. Perhaps you should be more agressive. Have you tried switching to a control strategy against lower reputation opponents? Don´t be afraid to try something new if your current strategy isn´t working.

Above all, my advice to you is never give up the game. Walk away for some days to refresh your ideas but give it a go. Cheers!

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Hey I've been playing as long as you and I've never got the hang of tactics but I still managed to get a BSS team into the Prem with just a basic 4-4-2 and using instant result.

The thing is there are so many factors other than tactics that matter on match day, especially on the full fat version of the game. Try setting up a bog standard formation, by that I mean don't go around messing with manual player setttings etc, just use the roles provided. Then make sure your tactic experience is as high as it can be, get as much match preparation (tactics only) as you can. It'll take some time.

As for the other matchday factors such as giving a good teamtalk etc I don't know too much about, but a cheap and easy way to get more out of your players in FM12 was to comment correctly on their form 3 times to get them to list you as a favourite staff member. That will make them work harder for you.

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Thanks for the reply mate...good read and helpful

I honestly won't walk away,i been playing it too long and i just came here as it wound me up and i need fresh ideas....i'm gonna give the threads you and others have mentioned a read and see what i can come up with..

And yeah it's the latest patch as steam automatically updates it...

I'm gonna start again and try a new formation and try and work around it a bit

Cheers again mate

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