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How hard would this be to create? Detailed world leagie (10 tier)

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Hi all,

This is probably a MASSIVE ask but how hard would the following be to create? I want a new challenge as I've being 'FMing' for years and done most normal challenges, I know one similar exists with the 78 game league but that has silly prize money, changes to the teams, too many games etc....

10 leagues of 18 teams, all linked in a 3 go up 3 go down system with play-off’s for the 3-6th places in the lower 9 leagues.

1 ‘FA’ style cup completion which consists of a knockout cup for ALL 180 teams with NO seeding, gate money is split 50% in all ties. Replays for drawn ties at other ground as per FA cup.

3 league cups, 1 for the top 3 divs, 1 for divs 4-6 and one for 6-10, again 505 gate money and no seeding. No replays.

I’d like to place the top 180 world reputation teams into these leagues, placing them by reputation as found at the start of the game/original database etc.

League timetable and Transfer windows run as per EPL, i.e summer + Jan.

Prize money as follows

World League 1

TV money for all teams = £50m

Prize money is £2m per place

League 2

TV money for all teams = £35m

Prize money is £1m per place

League 3

TV money for all teams = £25m

Prize money is £750k per place

League 4

TV money for all teams = £20m

Prize money is £600k per place

League 5

TV money for all teams = £15m

Prize money is £500k per place

League 6

TV money for all teams = £10m

Prize money is £400k per place

League 7

TV money for all teams = £8m

Prize money is £300k per place

League 8

TV money for all teams = £7m

Prize money is £200k per place

League 9

TV money for all teams = £6m

Prize money is £150k per place

League 10

TV money for all teams = £5m

Prize money is £100k per place

All world league cup

Probably needs 8 rounds, with some teams getting a ‘buy’?

Round 1 £250k

Round 2 £500k

Round 3 £750k

Round 4 £1.25m

Round 5 £2.5m

Round 6 (quarter)£5m

Round 7 (semi) £10m

Round 8 (Final) £20m

Top 3 leagues cup

Round 1 £250k

Round 2 £500k

Round 3 £1m

Round 4 £2.5m

Round 5 £4m

Round 6 (final) - 10m

4-6 leagues cup

Round 1 £100k

Round 2 £300k

Round 3 £700mk

Round 4 £1.5m

Round 5 £2m

Round 6 (final) - 5m

4-6 leagues cup

Round 1 £100k

Round 2 £300k

Round 3 £700mk

Round 4 £1.5m

Round 5 £2m

Round 6 (final) - 5m

6-10 leagues cup

Round 1 £100k

Round 2 £150k

Round 3 £250k

Round 4 £500k

Round 5 £750k

Round 6 ) - 1m

Round 7 (final) £3m

Also is it possible to remove ‘shareholders dividends’ from the game? This REALLY annoys me. However I’d still like the option for tycoons and takeovers to happen as this always add’s some interest. The leagues would need to have a rep set so they fall nicely as the top 10 leagues in the world. Can you just get rid of all the other leagues in the game? Or maybe put those teams in even lower non playable leagues off this main 10? (or maybe regional ones or something).

I guess leave existing sponsorship details in place. (kits etc). Clubs basically will be as they are in FM13 as standard. Teams budgets would start off as they are in game now.

I just think it would be great to take a lower league team and bring them up, I've tried to work the finances out so they aren't too silly and that each league club could sustain a sensible wage bill relative to their league.

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Ok I've made a start,

Never used the editor before but what I've done so far.....

- Changed the EPL to World League 1, added the top 18 rep teams to it, removed the nation/continent, put the rep at 200, deleted all history.

- Repeated this with the npower champ, making it WL2, added next 18 rep teams, removed nat/cont, put rep to 199, deleted history, linked it to parent league WL1

- Same again for world leagues 3, 4 etc via the lower leagues in england, then duplicating upto 10 and setting parent leagues etc.

How can I change the prize money?

Will the travel costs me insane? Not sure how FM deals with this.

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I'd say it wouldn't take long at all, maybe a few hours at most. If you know what you are doing. If not, then you need to spend a lot of time testing.

Firstly I wouldn't just edit a current league, better off creating a new one so you don't have to mess around with deleting histories. Also, it needs to have a nation set, otherwise you won't be able to load it.

Another important point, probably the biggest piece of advice. Incremental saves. This means to save on a regular basis under different filenames and test the db often. So first I would create World League 1 add all the teams and set the dates, prize money, etc. then save it as "World League 1.01" and start up the game. Holiday for a few seasons and go back to your editor while this runs in the background. Add in League 2 and save again as "World League 1.02". Holiday this, repeat process. This will save a lot of time if something goes wrong and you don't know what it is. You can just go back to the previous save file and edit again.

Now I haven't done any editing in FM13 but I've done plenty in previous versions. Reputation in leagues can be very difficult to get right. If you set the divisions at 200, 199, 198, etc. then teams will start at the right level but reputation will take a massive increase/decrease if a team gets promoted/relegated. So much so, that a team getting promoted from one league will get such a reputation boost that they are immediately the best team in their new division and will most likely go on to record successive promotions quite easily. The same for relegation, teams will just plummet. This is one reason why I favour regional divisions, so you can have more teams on less tiers.

It's a tough one to get right, you'll have to just experiment until it feels right.

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Kenco - massive thanks for your reply.

I've made a fair bit of a start now, got all 10 leagues set up, added 18 teams to each, I put them all into the nation of England, domestic leagues and linked them all. Thanks for the tip re the rep.

I added 'nation rules' and started to add in prize money, created an FA cup and set it's prize money, TV deals etc.

Couple of questions at present:

- What happens to the other leagues, Seria A etc, they only have a few teams left in each now.....obviously I wouldn't enable those in-game but how would that work?

- How is the rankings worked out now? Like when you get that email once a year with your teams star rating?

I think this has huge potential, the leagues look immense - even the 5th division looks hard etc!

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Leave it as 2000, but remove the day. Set the date to be whatever date you want and then change the day setting to blank. 2000 is used as the base year for dates and does not actually govern the years in which the transfer window runs.

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Well I think I've finished it, prize money was a pain, had to give the bottom league clubs a total (tv+prize) or around £5m-6m so they wouldnt loose too much money over a season as the travel costs are high. In order to then balance the leagues, so you dont for example get less for finishing bottom in league 5 as you would winning league 4 I ended up giving the big leagues some decent money, 100m ish for the top team, alot but then that IS the best team in the world etc. I think it seems balanced anyway. Sticking to just the one cup too.

Tested for a season and seems to work well, will run it tomorrow for 4 hours and see how it goes over a number of seasons.

I set the reps of the league down to 200 for the top league, running down in 5's to 155 for league 10.

I did have one question but I've now forgot what it was.

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It means you won't be able to enable the leagues from which you have taken teams, like Serie A, Ligue 1, La Liga, etc. but you don't need them anyway. Players in those leagues will still have stats saying they played games, as a league does when it's not enabled. Teams from those leagues will also still qualify for European competition, as will teams from your league, unless you got rid of these competitions. You will end up with the best teams from your league like Barca and R. Madrid qualifying for the Champions League alongside the best teams who have been left behind, so it could be the likes of Huesca and Angers SCO.

Something I did to ensure teams all are financially sustainable was to hand out a lot more TV money than prize money.

Another thing to look out for is player values - have a look at some players and see if their value is the same as it would be in a normal database. In the last FM I found player values to decrease significantly when moving teams into one of these leagues, but not sure if it's still an issue.

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I got rid of loads of those competitions :).

Yep I did that with the TV to prize money, testing it now and looks like I still need to increase it as the travel costs are huge.

Will check values.

I really appreciated you're help and advice Kenco. Current;y I'm testing it (via holidaying with L5 and L1 teams, did a test with a L10 team too last night), all seems pretty good so far. Maybe I need to add a reserves league, currently I just have u21. I was hoping teams would have smaller squads though long term, so maybe it's worth ditching reserves?

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Yeah up a bit.

I've changed the league from ranging from 200 > 195 > 190 (i.e a 5 drop per league) to a 7 drop per league but I think that has made it alot worse!

Also how do I need to sort the youth contracts so they are simair to current euro team ones, like where they have a youth deal until 17?

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Yeah sure thing, what is the best way to get this up online? It's only a 500k file or something.

Im now starting a proper save on it, it's not perfect (can't see how to remove prem badges for league etc) but it looks like it will be immense.

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Thanks, here you go.


Done half a season, going ok so far! Really loving it, trying it with a DLX (Div 10/bottom league) team (Ipswich). I'd tested the league a few times and it always seems different teams do well so not too predictable.

Give it a go, would be interested in your thoughts and how your save goes :)

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Dan, do you have any objection to me uploading my "tweaked" version?

In a nutshell, it has no players. None at all. I left 1 player active in the database, and made him 45 years old with 1/2 CA/PA, just in case the game checks to make sure there are players to load.

All coaches/managers/scouts are fine, other than player/coaches who had to go.

I also threw a cheeky edit in to the Arsenal stadium build date, as it always frustrates me when I play with them and have to wait to the mid 2020s to get a new ground.

The league structure is built entirely off of this though.

At the moment I'm in the middle of making it (deleting 50k players at a time takes forever, and I have over 300k to delete starting out!) but if you are cool with it, once I've tested for crashes I'll post it. :)

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By having no players, it forces everyone to develop a new team based on youth.

Even more importantly, by being in a high reputation world league system, I also don't have to worry so much about the fact that minnows who have players generated based on their reputation who's league I haven't loaded end up winning the Champions League. The stuff I'll care about will be locked to loaded teams.

Also, I think that with "add players" ticked we'll end up with genuine fake players rather than the poor attempt unticking "use real players" gives.

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Ello there.

Long time player of the FM/CM series here and I have always been intrigued by custom leagues, especially these kind of World Super Leagues.

Had a blast playing Kenco's old verison, thanks a lot for that mate.

Anyway. I have been trying out Boskovich World League, well he is credited with creating it but seems someone else updated his work on the version i was trying. Unfortunately it is not compatible with the new patch.

I was going to start up a game with your db but no dice. When starting a new game I can't even select the English league as it says there are only 9 teams in the premier league.

I also find it very odd how few database changes there have been made, only around 630 in that xml file. In the other Superleague i mentioned before there had been made around 4000 changes.

Did you upload the correct version?

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