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oche balboa

Baron's Spanish league file Extended

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A new Spanish updates which will include the following

- Near to 1,000 playable teams

- Teams in 7 tiers

- From La Liga to Gailcia regional Second Divison (Which is the third tier for Gailcia)

- 3 new Cup Competitions

- A further Non League System (Based on scottish Juniors) Not sure that this will be playable or not.

Cup Competitions


This is an expanded competition which will feature all teams from the top 4 tiers and will be settled over 1 leg (Apart from the Semi Finals which is 2) and overall there will be 9 rounds which will start with the Tercera division teams and the La Liga teams will come into the fray in the last 64, good prize money given so this will be vital for Lower league sides if they have a good cup run.


This will be a competition which will be open to the top 2 tiers, this comp will be settled over just 1 month so not much stain on the players whilst having a chance to take on Barca and Real Madrid.


This competition will just feature all Tercera teams and will be a two legged competition and the competition will start just after the new year, with good prize money as well


This is for all the regional teams which i have included in the game (542 teams) Straight Knockout basically this is the same as the Copa Del rey, the winners and runners up however will enter the following seasons Copa Del Rey and hope for a good run and dream of facing Barca or Madrid

This is available on here http://thefmformation.com/files/file/106-spain-version-103/

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i would love try this, but why i need to register for download this?

I also have to register. Can you send it to me please?

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I have made a Spanish league but only for level 5 and only with the Editor. In approximately one week I will release this system league for who are interesting in this.

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