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Some editing questions

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I am curious about a few things regarding the editor:

1) I have made a new league system for the Romanian League using the editor and checked the "B/Reserve Teams cannot be promoted" in the First and the Second League in the structure. However, these types of teams still get promoted to the Second League... I don't know why. To mention the fact that B Teams in Romania are marked "II Team" type. How can I resolve this?

2) I don't know exactly how "Winner Home Reputation" and "Winner World Reputation" in the Award Details work exactly. Is it a fixed value that gets added directly to that player's Home/World Reputation or is it a relative value that the bigger it is, the more Reputation it gives the player? I tried to look and compare some of them, but there are a lot of awards that have weird values in that category (some having a 60 value for example and some, more important ones having a 0 value in the same area).


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In response to your first question, how have you set the second teams up? As reserve teams as the main club? If you have done it that way, they should stop getting promoted as their first team is in the higher league and the best next-placed first team will get promoted instead. However, this doesn't work with relegation as I've seen first teams get relegated with their reserve team in the division below. And then if you have a division below (so a third division), the reserve team get relegated (regardless of where they finish) to that division so the first team can be in the second division.

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Well, the second teams are the default second teams found in Romania and all of them are set as "II Team" type (sort of a B team, it doesn't seem to be any difference other than the name). The ones that do not have a II Team are set up so they can have their own Reserve Team Championship.

Promotion and Relegation works normally, but it simply ignores the rule for the Second Division than no B teams are allowed and they still get promoted into second.

The relegation you were talking of is normal. That's what happens in real life too if the first team gets relegated into the second team's division. The second team gets relegated automatically, no matter what place it finished and the top team that was normally relegated will instead stay into that league.

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