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Counter Tactic - Braga 2nd place finish and Cup Win 1st season

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Hello everyone,

I don't usually upload tactics on here but this one is one that has been quite successful for me and has given me some good results. Initially, I created this tactic from my thoughts on how I would actually set up a team if I was actually a real manager and the tactic replicates the style that I would take in this situation with low risk play and having a very strong defensive set up. Although I haven't used this tactic without opposition instructions I am pretty sure that the best results will come from if you follow the opposition instructions that I also use. I have also used this tactic for Genk and have some screenshots of this save as well.

I finished 2nd in the Portuguese league which is their joint highest finish ever and I lost the league on the last game to Porto who are a much better side and I won the Taca de Portugal getting the first bit of silverware for Braga since 1966. This may be slightly too defensive for some peoples liking however I have a defensive style and prefer to focus on results.

The Tactic



I use Work into the box if my players are shooting from stupid positions but other than this I do not use them.

Opposition Instructions - Against a 4-5-1

Against Wingers

I ALWAYS use the below set up!!

tight marking - never

closing down - always

show them onto their inside foot towards the centre of the pitch (left wingers onto right foot/right wingers onto left foot)

Against Attacking midfielders

ALWAYS tight marking - always

Against the Striker

I ALWAYS set the striker to the following set up if they have a pace advantage (if they don't then I do not set instructions)

tight marking - never

closing down - always

Opposition Instructions - Against a 4-4-2

Against wingers

IMPORTANT If the strikers are fast then I do not set closing down to always.

Other than this I use the same set up as against a 4-5-1

Against Strikers

I use the same instructions as against the 4-5-1

Shouts from the start

Exploit the middle

Against other formations

I cannot say I have really experienced many other formations enough to know what to suggest with this.

Player Requirements

Just use the in game recommendations for attributes for each position except a very IMPORTANT exception.

The striker - do not be scared of the complete striker role or do not let this put you off. The only thing that is important with this position is that this player must be able to hold up the ball. A pacy striker is not that important but strength and an aerial threat is important for this role. In this position for Braga I have used Eder most of the time who has the following attributes.


As you can see he is nothing special and is probably the equivalent of a low premier league striker at best.

Pitch Size - I don't know what I picked I just chose the default for my team.








I could not be in the champions league in 2012 as they had not qualified in real life and the champions league in 2018 I was no longer in charge.

Any further information you need I will happily provide and hopefully you will give this a go.

LINK >> http://www.mediafire.com/?syax4gymgsd44tk

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Didn't expect to do well second season as I lost Hugo Viana on a free to Benfica (stupidly didnt renew his contract) and lost a few key players that were on loan. I got a transfer budget of £2.5 million to qualify again for the Champions League. Despite this I did quite well again and had the following results.

League - finished 3rd and qualified for Champions League

Taca de Portugal - Won for the 2nd time in a row

League Cup - lost in the final

Champions League - Lost to Barcelona 6-2 on aggregate in the last 16 Knockout round. My group was Real Madrid,Shakhtar and Besiktas.

Still hoping this will come in use for someone and hopefully I can get a decent budget in 3rd season as I made a profit of £20 million because of my Champions League results.

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You should do quite well with this tactic. If you can alter the set pieces or slightly adapt it to turn some of those draws into wins then you could have a really great tactic.

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