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What affects board limitations on player wages? They're crippling me.

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My weekly wage budget is $72k for my L1 team. I'm currently spending $60k but cannot resign any of my players because the board has set crippling wage limits on each squad status. Even if I kill off my entire transfer budget and adjust to $90k per week, the limits don't change. They do depend on how high the player's current salary is, with players currently making a lower wage having even lower limits.

I'm unable to resign any of my players because of this. What's the deal? My team is in decent financial shape, about $3M in the bank, but have lost $400k so far this season due to taking out a massive loan for a new stadium. Is this loan the cause?

I tend to think not, because the board has imposed silly limits on me for short periods before when the club was in fine financial shape. Thoughts? :confused:

Playing on Classic if it matters.

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