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Hi there gamers!

So I've been playing with Everton. I'm still missing 10 games and again as usual, I don't feel like I'm in control and the games feel extremely random. The tactic I've created is clearly lacking, but yet there is one thing I feel like succeed with. I've been using fellaini as inside forward behind the striker.

I'm not going to get into too many details with the tactic I've played with this season. I rather plan for the next season.

My vision for a tactic is direct football with the physical and strong players, IRL I love the possesion based football (Arsenal fan), and often I've played more technical and possesion based football myself. I'm just gotten a bid tired of it, especially when all you see is people make possesion based football. But as often when I try to make a direct tactic I feel like I'm throwing the ball away alot, and most of the guides on most site is illustrating short passing football mostly, so I don't feel like their helping my getting where I want to go.

So I've imagined this formation.


I'll either play with a targetman at the striker positions, or an avanced forward, depending on which striker I'll use. One thing I could imagine that my striker will be very lonely at the top. One of Fellaninis PPMs is "Comes deep to the ball".

I'm not sure if one of the central midtfielders should maybe be a DLP or just stick with two central midtfielders.


My team is aggresive and strong and hardworking. Which I see as perfect for direct football. Right or wrong?


All of my defenders as quite pacey with speed and accelration from 14 and above. So the high defensive line should be okay.


I feel like this is misguiding because my central midtfielders are either strong and agressive atleast the one i use.


I got him for free so I'll use him as target man and Jelavic as advanced forward when playing him.

Fellainis roll will look like this with hoarau.


And like this when playing Jelavic.


Is this complete rubbish or am I on the right track with this.


Again free and he'll clearly give pace, strength and crosses.

As for shouts I imagine using. 2013021500017.jpg

Pass to feet is to prevent throwing the ball away all the time. Get stuck well to keep it aggresive. Look for overlap, I'll tick this off if I'm playing against a strong side. Get the ball forward to keep it direct.

Else I'll use the shouts depending on how the game is going.

I havn't taken pictures of my players, but if needed I'll post them quickly.

I really hope I can get some help here. I spend hugh amount of time reading. I just feel overwhemled with all the reading and having problems with putting the theoretical into practical on the pitch.

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Well its kinda hard to give advice on something you've not tried yet. This forum tends to offer help and support based on what people are seeing happening in the game and what issues they might have. Without you trying it and offering stats and analysis then there is much anyone can tell you so I'm not really sure what you are expecting?

It's like anything really, it can look good on paper but when it comes to actually putting it into practise it could be totally different because of how the roles interact with the players you have etc.

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Personally, I'd say with the likes of Baines, Coleman, Osman, Mirallas, Pienaar, the very last thing you should be doing is trying to play aggressive, physical, direct football. But I'm pretty shocking at FM tactics for the most part - just going on the personnel and my knowledge of them (as an Everton fan)

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