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Problem with the editor since the update

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Hi i am posting this here as i want one of the Mods to look at it and i am not sure if they look in the editor forum.

I am sorry if this has already been posted but i could not find anything.

I had not played on FM13 for a while but the last time i did everything was working fine. I wanted to update the January tranfers and start a new game so when i went to load the editor it automatically downloaded an update. I loaded it up like you normally do, my previous save was there so i loaded it up but then the problem. The left side menu is there eg clubs people ect but when you click on it nothing appears on the right where you edit the data. Even when you click on the details on the left side menu nothing appears.

I have re installed several times and tried other possible fixes like change language and opening from documents rather than directly from steam but nothing.

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