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Question about stadia for 3D engine

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I been out for years (work, family, kids, damn RL things that hamper my career as an ascending star football manager...). But I am getting back, as finally RL is allowing me to do so (watch out Mourinho! I am out to get your job! lol)

I have a question:

I just bought Football Manager 2013 and I still didn't have time to mess around with it and its files. I was wondering if the stadia are structured the same way (xml file coordinating asset availability for the 3D engine) as they used to be?

Thanks in advance if someone can kindly give me the heads up.

Couple of other questions:

Do we have any 3d stadium specialists here in the community? Has the 3d engine evolved enough so we can go and customize it?

Is there any way to import 3d stadiums into Football Manager? If there is one, what is the format for them and what is the file extension? What is the maximum size an resource variables taking? And so on, so forth.

I know I am asking a bunch of questions when I said I would be asking only one. And I know I am talking about the 3d engine, and at least by the time I left FM, two years ago, this was kinda taboo-talk (people would curse you and tell you to go play FIFA manager...)

But I seriously need those 3d answers, because my main hobby is to build 3d assets for game-modding in general, and I am pretty good on it. From CityEngine to Acropora, to Blender, and Cinema 4d, and Vue, Sketchup, Poser, Daz3d, Maya, AutoCAD, whatever.

I got a couple of fantasy and real life stadiums built in 3d, and I want to put them on my game. So, if someone can be so kind and help me, I will really appreciate very much.

If not. I was also wondering if there are any 3d buffs that want to get together and build a FM 3d modding taskforce. I will be down to it, RL allows.

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Thanks, Barbaric.

Nice to know that times changed. So I won't have text mode sim hooligans trying to lynch me, lol.

I will take a look myself on those 3d files and see if there is something that can be done.

I have tons of beautiful stadiums I built myself, using 3ds, autocad and sketchup. I would love to find a way to use at least a part of them in the game.

Thanks again and I will let you know how it goes.

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In the past I've looked into the 3D stadia however the file format of the 3D files is unique and seems to be exclusive to a tool used by SI, unless they release said tool we cant touch the 3D stadia. It's disappointing that SI have never made this available as the community could have made a lot of real life clubs stadiums which IMO would add a lot to the match engine

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When the 3D engine was introduced a few editions ago one of the blog entries leading up to release said the 3D elements would be editable but they aren't. It is disappointing.

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