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I understand there needs to be an element of realism, and teams can't score 10 goals a game every game, but creating 20+ chances a game and having 10+ of those chances on target only for the other team to take the lead off their first attack is becoming really boring.

For instance, my last game with fulham, i had had 7 shots on target before they even had their first chance( which they scored from) at the end of the game ive had 15 shots on target they've had 6, and beaten me 5-2 and i have far better players, far more possesion and more clear cut chances. Like i said, i understand my team cant score all of their chances, but when you see the way in which some of these scoring opportunities are missed its hard to want to carry on playing. Also. Defenders running towards a ball they're 100% going to get to, then stopping or heading in the complete opposite direction is a pain in the butt.

I know in an individual game anything can happen and teams can lose even after being overly dominant. But, when the above is true for 3 or 4 games in a row the game just feels broken. I know people will say "its your tactics, its your tactics. But what does formation, team or player instructions have do with a player not taking his chance to score?

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I recently logged on to start playing, with the full intention of accepting everything that's wrong with the game, and to just play it.

Throw everything out the window and just try and enjoy whatever it is this game has evolved to be.

Even so, there is still one thing i can't shake, as far as realism goes. The fact that nearly half the throw-ins are botched.

What team on this planet throws the ball to the opponent this many times...

Other than that, I can flick the 'i don't care anymore' switch. And just let it play out the way SI built it to play out.

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