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Impossible to sign players! (well almost)

Case in point . . . Just tried signing Adam Le Fondre, get to offering a contact screen, he is currently on £8k a week, wants me to give him £45k a week with salary increase to £60k a week upon one international appearance. Tried to negotiate starting at £25k a week going up to £40k . . . finally made an offer of £40k going up to £50k with 1.5m signing bonus for both player and agent and made it non negotiable . . . REJECTED.

He signs for Stoke instead for £24k a week!!!!!!

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First of all, you have to consider two main factors:

1) Your personal reputation within the game.

2) Your teams reputation.

Players are tempted to ask more money if they feel they wont succed with you, or they see your team as low reputation one and they want to be the absolute star at your club.

The only other explanation is the player dislikes your team, or somebody within the club.

Finally ask yourself this: Would you go to play for Arsenal with a 3.5 million contract per year, or play for Barcelona with a 2 million contract on the table (hypotethicaly both team would offer you a starter place).

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Thats not the only example though.

In real life money talks . . . He turned down 16k a week extra to play for a similar side. It has been like this in the last few FM but this season seems to be rediculous. I seem to be the only team in for Zaha yet he wants £80k a week, i get what you mean about not wanting to move and holding out for another team but that is just rediculous as he is has just spent another season in the Championship on £7k a week.

Start of the season i tried to sign Matthew Briggs who is on £4.1k a week . . . i offered him something in the region of £20k with it rising etc, instead he chose to go to league 1 Sheffield Utd on loan.

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