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How to set up future stadium build?

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Ok, so playing as Spurs. I'm not keen on the way they expand the stadium in the game, sometimes after a season and sometimes by a small amount.

IRL Tottenham are trying to build a new 55k stadium. I would like to set this up in the editor, is it possible to do?

I want the stadium to be built for the 2015/16 season(more realistic), have naming rights, and cost the club however much it would do IRL. How can I go about this?

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Create the stadium in the editor and have the build date as 2015 or 2016. then in the stadium tab under Tottenham club information, select the new stadium tab and then edit the leave dates and move in dates to match what you want.

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For the naming rights, you'll have to edit that in on the club finances, to do that go to the finances section for Spurs and then go to the income part and then you'll be able to edit in the information how you like it, you'll also be able to choose the start date and end date for the stadium naming rights. Hope that helps.

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