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13.2, does it worth updating?

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I have questions for you who had already updated to 13.2.

Does it worth updating?

Here are my considerations.

- I am a university student at Singapore, who usually enjoys quite good internet speed. Right now though, I am at my homeland, with around 40-50 KB per second, with a quota and shared internet over my family. So, over my holidays in between a semester, I am at limited internet.

- I cannot play that much after my holidays, there are quite some things to finish.

Is it worth updating for those who have updated? I skimmed a little bit the changelog but I guess asking you guys who already has experience would be better.

Please advise :)

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I haven't updated yet but which is the worst thing/s that the last patch has brought and therefore it is better to avoid the update ?

I am thinking about waiting for the January patch but I suspect it will bring only database transfer tweaks and transfer updates.


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It's your choice and there's plenty in the feedback threads to help you make a decision.

If I leave this thread open I know just where it's going, so closed.

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