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FM13 Free Agent Challenge

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Hello this is a brand new challenge. I've not seen one like this this so thought I would create one myself.


The aim of the challenge is to take a team from the bottom of a countries league structure and win the top league and champions league of that continent with the team. You can start this challenge in any country you like and can run any other countries you like. However you are only allowed to sign players on free transfers or loan without a loan fee. Therefore once you get into the higher leagues it will become harder to progress as you cant sign any player you want.


No database edits are allowed except for league expansions

You must start with a team in the bottom tier of your chosen country, therefoere if your using a expanded league databese you must start in the new lowest tier available.

Player naming is allowed so is the talk of tactics. However I would prefer you dont talk about downloaded tactics.

Your manager must start with sunday league reputation.

At the start of the challenge you need to post a screenshot of your manager profile.

You also have to do end of season updates with a screenshot of all transfers to prove you haven't cheated.

Anything else you want to post is optional.

Game Set-up

You can only load the nation you are managing in.

You should have all the options ticked, so things like key staff should be ticked.

You may load any other players you want.

I will be starting this once I get the game but will stay active in the thread in the meantime.

Good luck to all who participate.

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rossor11 no you should load all league down to bsn/s. then you should holiday a season. Till the reset date or just before then choose a newly promoted team.

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Have decided to start this challenge. My start date is a year out because I accidentially holidayed a full season (getting confused with another challenge). I am taking charge of the, newly promoted to the Blue Square Bet North, FC United of Manchester and may be a little bit slower than many at updating this as I am also considering basing a manager story on this.

Heres the screenshot


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I like the idea of this. I may have to have a go once I've had enough of my Crewe save

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Are any expanded league files allowed? I'd quite fancy starting this with my local team but I'd need to go down to the 9th tier to do that!

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