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How do I set a person as Caretaker Manager in the Editor?


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I cannot see the tickbox for the caretaker manager.

There is a file called 'Caretaker.edt' in the folder 'Football Manager 2013\data\db\1300\edt' which contains a lot of UIs for members of staff.

I think you should try adding the UI of the person you want in this file and saving it.

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In the editor

Go to staff member

Go on the contract section

tick box for caretaker manager

save as [give new database a name]

load FM

tick the editor file you just saved

This was for last year editor, it doesn't appear on editor 2013. That's what cantonas said at his question

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In FM13 it is different. Go to the club with the caretaker manager, section staff and players, responsibilties, set team selection (first team) and choose caretaker (the last item in the scroll down list). In the field of the person insert the name of the caretaker.

It works, I tried it with a few teams in Germany, the tendency of the club to hire the manager permanently seems to be high from what I saw so far.

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