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3-5-2 / Anonio Conte-Juventus

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This is the new Juventus coach Antonio Conte sharing with the first season in the league italy Juventus Team championship carries a high level, such as FM of the tactics tried to adapt.

I received Foreign Sourced from sites Juventus this season Lineup. 1-2-3-2-1-1 3-5-2 while wearing it seems like as the opponent gets the ball, the opposing team while watching the game that you have installed the technical directors of one of the systems which become very difficult to read. Remember wanting to go back to the old days, and 2011/12 season to enter the Juventus squad Management major revision in summer Pirlo'nun will be released in May 2011 to finish his job. In the same month as coach Antonio Conte was brought to the task. Wolf pack on the coach Kurt almost Pirlo. Conte, 4-3-3 and 3-5-2 systems used throughout the season as a playmaker Pirlo moved in front of the defense. Pirlo has created all the conditions unimaginable to highlight the intelligence of the game. Vidal in front of him - all the heavy work while midfield duo Marchisio Juventus behind them like a maestro Pirlo directed. To play a season of extraordinary figures with position and finished with three goals and 14 assists. Andrea Pirlo Juventus under the age of 33, was a re-direction of Conte was born and reminded himself to the world.

Juventus Formation


Fm13 Juventus


Juventus coach Marcello Lippi uses this tactic in contem acting ta Tactics 3-5-2 championships and won numerous achievements, we can get the most effective data tactics team Juventus Tips In its crowded midfield or has a strong technical and dominate the game, playing alongside future matrix forwards and midfield players rather than seek a bridge between goals set and the operation of high-end players would like to introduce goals, working hard and durable wing players certainly also need to cut fast and very good mid-wing, playing two defensive midfielders all-wing organizations to be on the heavy load on them. Have to play well in the middle to make two marking stoppers stoppers have to be the best that grab the ball back quickly and move the balls so that I can escape .



Download Link

alternative Download Link

Rar pasword :fmlegend

producer: Bilal TATOĞLU


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I was looking for this tactic for my great BiancoNeri...I could not recreate one myself so all I am asking is that is this for the latest patch 13.1.3 ? I am in offline mode so still using 13.1.2 because MrHough tactic does the job for my Juventus...so please let us know :-) Thanks in advance.

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Hey guys, the link to this doesnt work. Can anybody reupload it or is there another good Juve 3-5-2 tactic here (I havent found any other than this) that you can reccomend? I really want to try it now with Tevez and Llorente. Thanks.

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