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Match preparation in FM13

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I just have a couple of questions to ask about match preparation in the new FM training

1a) Is the effect gained from match preparation accumulative? I.e. If I train my players in defending set pieces will they be more successful at it for just that one game or will they retain some of what they have learned for a few games?

1b) To extend that question, if I put my players through a series of sessions in defending set pieces. Maybe 5 games straight over a period of a month am I likely to see them getting more successful towards the end of the month after they have had much more input in the area?

1c) And will spending a month in one area mean the retain the knowledge for a longer period anyone will know if you train for a month solid at one task, you will keep that up for a substantial amount of time. Is this reflected?

2) Does the more time I devote to match preparation on the slider effect the successfulness of what they are being taught? I.e. having the slider all the way on more match training will mean that my team defend set-pieces better than if I had it on less match training?

Thanks for any answers.

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I would like answers to this too

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Setting match prep to one of the specialist areas such as defensive positioning, attacking movement, defending set pieces etc gives your players attributes in that particular area a slight boost during matches only. The only area with a cumulative effect is teamwork which constantly helps to increase your tactical fluidity levels.

There's a lot of great match prep info posted by one of the SI guys in this thread.


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Ah okay, and that hasn't been changed since 2010?

A little disappointing but nonetheless thank you for your insight.

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that link is from 2010... still applies today?

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I have some questions;

How can you set so the match training so the Tactical familiarity levels reaches 100% as quick as possible?

I have done some test myself regarding this.

I set up an save with Man Utd. Imported my own custom made tactic for Barcelona (Barcelona Domination 4-3-2-1).

Then I went on holiday for 30 days + 30 days + 20 days = my goal was to come as close to 100% for all levels in a period of 80 days.

I found out that it was small differences between 50% and 40% (some saves gave my higher progress when using 40% than 50%)

But general the 50% gave better results when you look on the average scores of all tests.

when assigning to Tactics only 50% and Tactics - VERY high

The result was 100, 68, 100, 100, 96, 100, 94, 95

Average gaining: 23,66

I also found out that using Teamwork and Team Cohesion at VERY HIGH and 50% gave very good results.

Results: 92, 88, 92, 100, 86, 100, 100, 100

Average gaining: 22,9

BUT the very best results where when I chose:

General Training: Team Cohesion - Very heavy

Match Training: Tactics only - 50%

Results: 98, 100, 95, 100, 97, 100, 100, 100

average gaining per 30 days: 24,02

Why? Anybody who can answer on why Teamwork and Team cohesion gives so much progress?

I thought TACTICS and TACTICAL Only would give the best progress as it works on the tactics, or have I misunderstood something??

You can download my test file (excel) here

My Passion for Football Manager 2013 - A FM-blog

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