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Playing FM12 I came across 2 issues are they sorted in FM13

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Hi, due to my laptop not being upto the minimum spec to download FM13 (It paid for just waiting to upgrade my laptop) I am still playing FM12 and recently I came across 1 data issue, where Petrov for Villa is not listed has Bulgarias most capped player, I don't know if there is someone with more caps but in my game he got left out of one squad selection for bulgaria and in the news item it said that Petrov has 105 caps and he is hot on the tale of most capped player who has 102 caps.

The second was when I sent Gardner out on loan after he played in 3 games for me, when his loan spell finished and he returned I played him again and after the match it stated in the news that Gardner played his debut, but he had already played for me. If I had sold him and bought him back I would understand it but because he was still under contract with me surely he had already played his debut match before going out on loan.

Were these raised has issues, if they were have they been looked at and fixed

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