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Has anyone cracked the training system yet?

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I'm so confused, all my players' stats keep going down, my 30 year old AMs acc and pace went down from 14/11 to 11/9 in just one season. Most of my younger players stats keep going down too and I have absolutely no idea how I can prevent this from happening.

How does the players' individual training correlate to the team's overall training etc?

No matter what I do players' workloads are too high, then either they complain or stats go down, in fact regardless of what I do, stats seem to go down.

Also, what does 'player x's development has slowed somewhat and he needs better challenges to further his progress' mean? We need to get promoted to a better league?

TBH I like the idea of the new system but I have no idea where to go about starting. Like seriously, how can a 29 year old who's not had any injuries and has played most games between starting the game at 29 years old and reaching 30 like he is now lose so many stats, 14 to 11 and 11 to 9 on acceleration and pace is one of the steepest drops I've seen for absolutely no real reason at all. His technicals have gone down too which I don't understand.

Anyone cracked this and care to point me in the right direction? Thanks

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