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Important Information for those who only received a beta code - Full Game Activation

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Hi everyone,

Just a quick announcement for those of you currently playing the pre-order beta, we're hoping doing this now will avoid any more confusion.

As you're probably aware by now, Football Manager 2013 is due to go LIVE at 00:01am Friday 2nd November on Steam. Those of you who pre-ordered through Steam will find your game automatically updates (as long as it's not open!) at this time.

For those of you playing the beta via a beta code received from your retailer, if stated within the original email and you paid for your pre-order, this too will update automatically.

For those of you who recieved beta codes (say from reserving at Game stores for example) and don't have the proper code, to update to the full version of FM, you will need to enter your full game activation code into Steam (this will be a different code to the beta code you received previously). For those of you that have ordered a box copy you will find this on the back of your manual. Those who ordered digitally, this will have been made clear via the email.

Once you've entered this code into Steam, your Football Manager 2013 Beta version will update to the full version and download the remaining files needed to do so (meaning you will NOT have to download the game again from scratch).

Hope this makes things clear for everyone.


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Just for an extra bit of clarity:

If you received one beta code via email and pre-ordered (and paid) for a digital version it should update to the full version at 00:01am

If you pre-ordered a boxed version, you will need to enter the code on the back of the manual to upgrade your 'beta' version to a 'full' version - but you will not need to use your disc if you already have the beta installed

If you ordered via Steam it will update automatically

Some of you may have received a 'beta code' via email when you first pre-ordered then received a second 'full' code via email - this will depend on your retailer and it would have been made clear in the email. If you have only one code and HAVE PAID for your game then it will be a code that will update at 00:01am.

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