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Is there a base FM13 but with "Instant Result" button skin?

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Some people have realised that the instant result button from FMC works fine in normal FM if you use the FMC skin. So you can play FM and skip games, having the default game plans (as there's currently no way to create your own in FM13) in the normal FM if you have the classic skin.

I like the classic skin, but I'd also like the option to be able to do it in the traditional FM13 skin. Has anyone made a copy of it, with the "instant result" code added to the play game screen?

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Can be achieved with this code (found in fmc skin/panels/titlebar.xml):

<!--instant match button-->

<widget class="button" text="Instant Result[COMMENT: text for a button that will generate an instant result for the upcoming match rather than having to go through and play it]" id="INST" size="10" appearance="button/custom/continue/instant/button" width="150" height="37" font="fonts/continue instant" colour="white" alignment="centre" disable_layout_attachments_when_embedded="true">

<record id="click_event" event_id="INST" event_target="glob"/>

<layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="top,right" inset="0" />

<attachment class="test_global_attachment" get_property="sect" mode="1" set_property="hidn">

<list id="value">

<integer value="phtc"/>

<integer value="PhcT"/>

<integer value="PhcP"/>

<integer value="PhcS"/>

<integer value="PhcN"/>

<integer value="PhcC"/>

<integer value="PhcF"/>

<integer value="patc"/>

<integer value="PacT"/>

<integer value="PacP"/>

<integer value="PacS"/>

<integer value="PacN"/>

<integer value="PacC"/>

<integer value="PacF"/>




You'll need to play around with it as it sits under the team selection. Insert it into your panels/titlebar and you'll understand what I mean.

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Insert it into your panels/titlebar.xml:

C:\Users\Dan\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2013\skins\fm2013\panels\<titlebar.xml> it will work but the titlebar needs to be edited so that all items are shown properly (I'm a novice at editing xml files).

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thanks mate, works great!!

till 2 november il use this because of the stupid defenders and keeper lol

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