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How to get FM13 Demo (or Full Game) in Germany?

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Hey guys,

i just want to know how I could get FM13 Demo.

I can't even find it on Steams Germany Version :/

And if I click on a direct Link to the Demo it says: An error was encountered while processing your request. This item is currently unavailable in your region.

Please helppp!

Thanks in adv

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Unfortunately, we cannot distribute Football Manager 2013 in Germany due to licensing issues.

You will not be able to find a boxed copy of Football Manager 2013 in German shops or buy the game from digital distribution retailers operating in Germany, including Steam.

However, if you live in Germany, you can activate a boxed copy of the game (purchased from another country; e.g. UK) and play the game on Steam.

We hope this information is of use. Thanks.

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