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Your latest signing that excite you

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Since I don't see a thread along this line, I thought I start one :p

My latest signing that I'm hopeful for:


Why: Because it looks like I finally find someone that can be at least a regular player in the team in the future, all my 3 signings in the past 2 years had been a dud, at best they'll be a back-up player, most likely will get sold when their contract's running out.

Got him from RM for record signing 10.75mil, rated as 1.5 stars currently with potential of 3 stars although it was 3.5 stars when I purchase him a couple of months ago... so I'm kind of wary xD (the best players get only 3.5 stars for whatever reason)

I'm thinking Quickness will be my priority training for him, and if he can reach at least 13/14 pace/acceleration then he'll be a serviceable DLP-S. Marking/tackling will be second order of business, and then hopefully his anticipation/concentration can reach at least 15. Will also train him as a CD so he'll be more versatile.

Share your latest signing that you're hopeful for here :)

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Just signed Bojan for my Sheffield Wednesday side, pretty excited because I've always liked him in real life, and hes a steal for 6 million. He's also probably the biggest name to join my club aswell! apart from the mighty Rivaldo of course... (who I signed in my very first season, he got the job done alright?!)

I've also signed Kevin De Bruyne who I'm hoping will become a quality signing for me, hopefully him and Dries Mertens will make a good little duo!

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