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Martins FM Whizzkids Summer Update

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From Martin at FM Reporter

Latest Update as of Oct 1st 2012

With over 50000 changes,


Staff/manager changes,

Player injuries,

Stadiums-from capacity to name changes eg, the Hawthorns is now bigger and SJP is now the sports direct arena plus much more,

Club finances,

Club sponsorship deals,

All competition names have been changed to the real one's, no more ''English premier division'' or ''European champions cup'',

Club takeovers,

Small changes to some players positions, i.e Antonio Valencia is now a competent RB

NO changes to CA/PA or attributes.



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Trying this now, have a day off tomorrow so should be able to give some feedback soonish.

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Where do i put the file? (amateur)

Place the file in this folder.

Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2012\editor data

If you don't have an editor data folder just go ahead and make one.

Now, some Windows users will have two Sports Interactive Folders. Make sure you use the one that has more folders in it than the other one. For some reason windows makes two folders for the game when installing.

Next start a new game.

Check the change box for editor data files. This brings up all the edited databases you have in that folder.

Tick the one you want and continue and you are all set.

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Just tested and they work fine, do you have another edited database running at the same time? Only check one box.

You need to sort the leagues out - Scotland, Spain and Czech Republic won't load.

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