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Expanded US league (with draft)

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Has anyone ever succeeded in exporting the MLS system, or adding more teams to it?

The system of MLS is completely different from the rest of the leagues and this gives a funny alternative to the transfer market as we know it. My question are, did anyone manage to get new (More) teams into the MLS, og to put the system into other leagues? Without removing the MLS regulation?

I know that there have been several attempt to do the opposite, creating a standart European pyramid of american team, but thats not what im looking for. Im looking for a way to add more teams (preferable the best european teams) into the draft/salary cap/transfer regulation of the MLS. It would be nice to also have a larger pyramid below MLS but thats not the important thing here, the important thing is to get lets say Man U, Barca and Real Madrid into MLS so they will get drafts picks, there youth players getting into the MLS system with the right contrakts and so on... I have ofcause tried just to swap the teams but that will just make a mess with the teams not being able to field a team because of the wagelimit and they did not enter the draft and regulation...

Can it even be done?

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I think that if you do any sort of editing to the original MLS then the draft and all of the other fun stuff is basically deactivated. You cant create a league from scratch with a draft and all of the other rules that the MLS has.

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