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Another Error thread....but any help much appreciated

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Another Error thread....but any help much appreciated.

If its posted in the wrong place then sorry but I see many go up on here so thought its worth a go.

Now ive seen many threads saying games wont load, freeze when clicking start match etc.....

My issue is for some reason my game freezes when I save. The issue only happens intermittently when saving. Ive always run a tight ship when it comes to my laptop so im 99% confident its not a laptop issue and not used any downloaded items other than a facepack and the official updates.

It does obviously currupt the file and it wont load but Luckily through my lack of faith in reliability of FM I always back up my files regularly so its not like I have lost months when this happens. The odd thing is its not like I get to a point and it just wont save from that point. As Ill go back load up the older save and play what ever matches or days then can go beyound where it froze on saving before without issue. But then randomly again it will freeze while saving. Also gets to what id estimate is 95% saved then freezes.

Its not that big of a file compared to most my past ones as well. Only about a season and a half into the game.

Not the end of the world but becoming right annoying. Didnt know if there was an friendly users with experience of this problem who could help. No worries if not guys just thought it was worth a try.

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