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Just finished the season and I have one major decision to make before the next season start, and that is to pick one of the two poacher available to me next season and wondering which player you guys would've pick.

My team is already at its 25 men registry limit and with no one coming or going next year I pretty much will have the same squad... except for one poacher position. So here are the players



Pierre is the poacher I've been using the past 2 seasons, he is as pure a poacher I have in the club...

Positives: A very good combination of physical, skills, and mental skills make him a deadly poacher. Can appear from behind the play, latch onto the loose ball and smash it into the corner. In his very first full season lead all the strikers in league goal scored O.O

Negatives: Can disappear from games at times. When he is hot, he is HOT, but then there are consecutive games where he just can't score... midway this season he got hit by random event that kill his determination. It went from (I think) 14 to a paltry 4... the in game difference is big. Before the change whenever he's intercepted by defender he'll fight for possession and sometimes comes away with the ball which usually ended in him scoring. Now when defender muscle the ball off him, he just stood there, not doing anything until the ball is cleared... he loses the ball a lot more now when the defender manage to get on him.

Bottom line: Still a good poacher, can still get into excellent shooting position and finish them well, but where before he can also run with the ball and create spaces, he's now pretty much one dimensional finisher as he's a lot more likely to lose possession if he runs with the ball.



Paulo Moniz has been on loan at PSG for the last couple of seasons. He's done a great job of challenging for first team there. Came in as a 4th choice striker and now he has established himself as a first team striker.

Positives: Grows his abilities A LOT this season while on loan at PSG. Skill wise he's almost on par with Pierre with a bit more room to grow I think... not as good a poacher as Pierre though as he is a more rounded player.

Negatives: Haven't play him at all the last two seasons, despite looking good abilities wise, I simply have no idea if he'll fit in. In addition there will be the 6 months+ that he'll need to adjust to the team

Bottom line: Look very promising but that doesn't guarantee he'll fit into my system... and the adjustment period is also worrying since I'll need him to be a reliable scorer once he's in first team...

So that's the choices that I have. Only one spot available between the two strikers... I could of course loan out Pierre next year and let Moniz take his place but I'm hesitant to do that as in the past I've observed whenever I loan out players that's already reach his PA, there's a good chance that he'll decline even if he plays regularly.

So which would you take?

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Depends - if you're challenging for something then stick with Pierre - proven player for the team. If you're still building then go with the slightly younger Moniz.

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I'd stick with Pierre for now, but have him focus train his jumping and once it goes up a few points switch his role and duty to Target man - attack and play him alongside Moniz as a poacher in a front 2, that way you get the best of both options.

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I'd go with Moniz he's quicker and to be honest with that determination I would be tempted to sell Pierre. I think you are worrying over nothing with the adjustment time, every striker I have signed for my Crewe side that was intended for first team football scored an average of 2 goals every 3 games in their debut season.

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Id go with Paulo Moniz TBH. :D

Hes got better physical attributes, Hes younger, Hes got cheaper wages and hes worth less sales wise. (Keep him)

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I wouldn't play with a player with 4 in Determination if I was threatened with a gun to the head. It is the single most important attribute for any player, only challenged by Pace. Why would you want a poacher who won't run at goal but rather wander aimlessly around until he is tackled? Moniz doesn't have high enough Dribbling to be a poacher if you use the standard TC settings, which has Run With Ball set to Often and Through Balls to rarely.

If you have as good a player as Moniz loaned out because there is no space for him in the first 25, you won't have problems with money either, so why not buy a new striker who's better than both?

And why do you talk about a player "being your striker" in singular form? You should have 3 strikers if you play with one up front in your tactic, and all three should get plenty of matches because otherwise they won't be match fit when you need to change because of injury, suspension or poor condition/form.

Bottom line is; of those two - neither.

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