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Welcome to the Challenges, Sign Ups and Experiments Forum

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Welcome to the Challenges, Sign Ups and Experiments forum

This is a fairly new forum that was created early in 2007 as the interest in three main types of threads grew:

  • Challenges – where people play FM with a particular aim and to a specific set of rules

  • Sign Ups – where people 'sign up' to become part of an interactive FM story or experiment

  • Experiments – where people test out how the game handles certain situations and report on their findings

There's not really any specific rules for this forum but if you are new to the forum I do suggest you have a look through these guides before starting anything new:

  • Ideas Thread – a place to go before starting thread to get helpful advice or to see how much interest there may be in your idea

If you are looking for something specific, or just want to see an index of what is contained in this forum, here's a few lists of specific types of threads:

Finally, here's a few useful threads that you may want to use while using this forum:

  • Sign-Up HQ - all the information you could possibly need for the sign-ups.

  • Mod Requests – a place for any forum related requests that need the attention of the moderator, alternatively you could use the PM function

  • CSE Social Group – a social group for members of this forum to discuss anything they like

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Right, apologies for bumping this thread but I have a question. I want to try and complete all challenges(Razer's, dafuge's, LLR's, Gundo's, AB's, rancer's and whoever does the youth challenge thread) all in one save. I just wanted to know whether it would be possibly due to the rules each challenge has. Having had a quick look it seems that Rzaer's, AB's, LLR's all interlock well. I'm not sure about the youth challenge one, Gundo's, rancer's and dafuge's. If it's not too much trouble would any of you be able to definitely say whether it's possible, thanks.

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