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U18 players not in the game of FM12 wanted!

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I am looking for youngsters in the age between 15 and 18 years old that is currently not in the FM12-game.

It can be new youth prospects like Ashley Smith-Brown or youngsters that are much better in reality than in FM12.

The reason for asking is that I want a realistic game as possible also for the Champions League for youth and other U18 cups.

If you could give a realistic CA and PA, that would be great

Maybe this thread can become the one big thread for "youth scouting" and help Sigames and other FM-lovers to get familiar with "new" youngsters.

(I know there are many famous youth players that is not in the game and I have added many to my database already) - WANTS MORE!

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SI's researchers will probably be familiar with most 15 year old who will be 16 for FM13 (i.e. this year's "intake").

Reading's two best players from this intake:

Aaron Kuhl- MC/AMC, CA 75, PA -8 (favourred personel- Martin Kuhl)

Tariqe Fosu-Henry, AML/R, CA 80, PA -8

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There will always players that suddenly takes the step up that FM "forgets"/dont know of or what it is.

and there are also many youngsters that are rated too bad and gets/are better in reality

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to be fair .. its hard to judge as there are dozens of 'the next big things' announced in the press who do well at 14-16 age ... but of those that ive seen a lot of ..

mason bennett (derby) looks like he'll be a star

javier gonzalez the 15 year old striker being chased by chelsea, real madrid, man utd et al looks superb .. 20 goals in 7 games last year

george green on everton... brilliant

lucas piazon is underrated in the fm12 database for sure...

gnabry looks great too

nick powell

jordan ibe

ward-prowse and luke shaw from sfc

will hughes of derby looks bright


sergi samper

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