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Generate new era for FM [ disccussion No.2 - pre-season Tour ]

Do you think Pre-season tour system should be improved ?  

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  1. 1. Do you think Pre-season tour system should be improved ?

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after starting new era for FM2009 when 3D match engine, we are hoping for new one, which give SI the piers to build from it for next years. Year after year we suggest a lot of things, but may be us as consumers are yet to agree at the priorities of our suggestions/demands/feature which we are hoping for, since then I'm looking forward of some series of discussions about some suggestions, and I'm hoping we can share views about it, and how to output the idea of approved by the majority.

In the first discussion we talked about 'secondary rate' & 'real session schedules' , here is the links for the past threads :

discussion No. 1 - Player Attributes / Training


discussion No. 2 - [ pre-season Tour ]


the second discussion, we will talk about pre-season Tours...

When you want to organize a tour for your team, you mustbe able to pick a 'region' first , then pick a country from that region

so you should be able to know the 'expected effects for this trip' ..

the tour should be advantage for the manager, should help the manager plans for the incoming season.


So each region should help effect Four things:

  • Attributes in training: depends on the region, so if you pick countries like Spain or Portugal or South America, this would help ball control, if Africa, this would help Charity etc.., if you picked regions which about tactics like England, Germany, Scotland, this would help improving new position for those playes who asked to learn new positions. this really require that idea about 'secondary rate' , as you can follow how the tours worked for your players.
  • Team Tactics: also depends on the region, if you pick so far country, it wouldn't help your tactics familiarity.
  • Morale: if you picked Tourist places, this would help your team morale, if not, or the trip to advanced country in football, this would wouldn't be the case.
  • Commercial: depends on the country as well.

the main idea here, the current tours shows no effects, you even can pick arrange away games from the same country and it wouldn't mean anything.

here are some of possible ideas for 'Tour'

  • 3 days before the tour, you can pick up to 30 players to the trips, so those players who had international duties if they left the training camp, they can't back, and if you signed new players, they can join only if you confirm it, should this costs the club extra money.
  • any player/Staff/Club should have location status, this would prevent a manager/staff/players to attend 2 games in short tims, including human managers who had 2 jobs. This would help playing clubs from different countries during the trip.
  • Tours can be up to 3 weeks or 25 days, and even cups can be played in the time ( with rest day aafter match days )

cheers !

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looking for feedbacks, if you agreed with ideas or disagree ? (with reasons)

and what other things you would like to suggest about this feature in FM ?

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Agree, although I would have pre-season training camps to enahnce fittnes with friendlies against low level teams.

Then you could arrange international tours that could include a national XI.

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Like this idea, makes it more realistic like most premiership teams tour America/Asia for financial reason and play a few games.

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I agree with the points in the OP. I think more needs to be made of pre-season tours as a lot of larger clubs from Europe, and even South America go on tours to make money.

A lot more clubs as well go away to foreign training camps during the summer, and the option of doing this with various different boosts depending on the camp would be an appealing feature for me. Obviously you'd have to weigh up the cost as well and decide whether it was worth it if you were a smaller club, whereas bigger clubs could choose whether to go away on a tour focused towards money or fitness/tactics etc.

I think this could add something more interesting to one of the dullest parts of the game imo.

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