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How do I get back an autosave?!?!?

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ARGH, gutted! Just started a new season to check who a couple of my re-gens were in previous lives. Just gone to open up my normal game and I only have the manual save to load..... which was close season and I was in the January of the following season, so I've lost six months!! I normally use the auto-save!!! Could have been worse I suppose, I hadn't done a manual save for about four years before that one!!!!

Any help would be appreciated, but I suppose it isn't the end of the world!

(I can hear people sniggering and muttering schoolboy error under their breath whilst reading this!!) :D

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One of the SI chaps will be able to give you a definite answer, but I suspect that it won't be recoverable.

I've just started a new career with mighty Tonbridge Angels and live in fear of accidentally saving over my world beating Burnley career. I really should use my single remaining save slot to make a backup :)

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