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I can't see the text everwhere

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I have a Samsung Galaxy s2 running Android 2.3.3

When I start the game I can't see the text.

I can see the icons, the images, etc but i can't see any text and I can't play the game.

I reinstalled the game 3 times and always I have that bug.

Please, help me.



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Is there any way you can post a screenshot to explain what you're seeing as I've never heard of anything like that before.

Also look on the SD card try deleting the game.cfg file and restarting - does the text appear then?

if not then I'll try and help but really need more information as I'm just guessing at present:

1.What languages is your device set to

2. Is your device rooted?

3. Where did you obtain the game from?

4. Where did you obtain the game data from? (ie. did it download it or did you manually install it from somewhere)

5. Anything 'clever' done to customise your device? (ie. are you running in a fake dpi setting or similar?)

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