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UI Suggestion: starting settings for viewing matches

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A simple UI suggestion: I like to view each game in Full match setting so I can get a better feel for what's going on and I can make some initial adjustments. Once I'm satisfied with the settings, I'll speed it up with Extended or Key highlights only, slowing down only occasionally to inspect play.

But whatever way I finish watching the game, I want to start watching the game on Full. I do not want it to take over the settings from the previous match. I also do not want to have to set it manually each time I start a game; I'll forget and sometimes accidentally skip a few minutes. Annoying...

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I've thought the same thing many a time as this has bugged me for ages.

I always try to remember to set the options back to full match at the end if each game (so I don't miss the first 5 minutes or more if I was on commentary and superquick), but sometimes I don't remember to.

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