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Lincs and Humber database Signup 2012 - Immingham

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No problem with the 2nd entry. I did it for my friend im playing a net game with atm. He has yet to register for the forums thats all.

OK Cool, can he change to be the spare keeper slot? Then I can start this tomorrow if you do it before then.

Not going to do it now as there will be too much work and I am tired.

Expected start time is Tomorrow PM as long as r&rpear's friends position change is sorted :)

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Yeah thats fine. Looking forward to it.

I have set the GK attributes to be random but entered the mental and physical results from the earlier submission. Is that OK? I will start this as soon as I know. I will begin the game thread now but its only scene setting and I will start the save in the game for real once you have replied.

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