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Hi everyone. I am managing chelsea in my first season in the game.. I am in the first place in the Epl with 10 wins and 2 losses and leading champions league group with 15 points in 5 matches..and won 2 League cup games and I am in a 15 game winning streak now.

But now my team's performance is decreasing due to the injuries my players are suffering from.

How can i prevent my players from getting injured ????

I am at the end of november now... And I have 9 players injured :




Paulo Ferriera







and due to my injured players..... I had to play with Todd Kane (18 years old) as a starter against Lille (He is against Hazard)

So...i need a solution to stop my players from getting injured

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This is normally down to having training intensity to high and using your players when they are not near match fitness. Apart from that it culd be sheer bad luck. What are your training schedules like?

Also congragts on the 15 game win streak!

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I lost my 15 win streak as i finished my game against tottenham 1-1 because i dont have a good striker who scores goal... I had 22 shots in total...only 3 on target.

Drogba and Torres are injured... and Kalou is not performing well... so i had to play with lampard as a striker...and my goal came from alex with a header

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