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Lord Duffucus

Bought the game - now have a series of problems

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Right, finally got around to updating to FM12 having bought a new PC.

Installed the game (disc) via steam and so on. Checked it loaded OK and it did, started a test game and all was fine.

Now, the next thing I did was add the Steklo skin (after creating the right folder) but upon reloading the skin I got the error message ' did not find font resource: fonts/helveticaneueots' and had to force close the game in Task Manager'

Next time I tried to open the game I then got the message ' did not find font resource: fonts/main menu' and had to do the same.

I removed the FM2012.skc file as seems to have been recommended elsewhere but that hasn't worked. What's going on?!!

I'm also not seeing and Sega folders anywhere as before despite various pieces of advice around saying to install stuff by going through that path. Is that right?

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