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Aiming for the top: A York City AFC Story

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Hi guys, and welcome to my new FM Story! After seeing York City win the Blue Square Prem playoff final, I thought (as a hull fan myself, and the two cities being close together), that I should give it a shot. After starting unemployed but international reputation, I turned down various Greek and Brazilian teams, most notably Santos, and headed for the capital of North Yorkshire.

Aim: To get York promoted into the football league within 2 seasons, and then ain for at least the championship in the long term.

: Reach at least the quarter finals of the FA Trophy, and qualify for the FA Cup (I have seen Farnborough reach round 4 before)!

So, the club is good for it's league, we have decent facilities, and there are very promising youth prospects. Not to mention that we have a strong team, and 1000 pounds wage and 250k transfer budget. Finances are decent, and I am hoping to deliver for the fans of York!

Thanks for reading, and there will be a few reports each season.

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Hi lads! Sorry this is so late, but I have been doing other things. This is just a run-down of pre-season.

We drew our first game against with Wrexham, and then beat one of the Welsh teams (in the Welsh league). Then we played Doncaster, and lost 3-1.

Now, the next game is what I want to talk about. I am not making this up, but we played Portsmouth in the next game and won! Yes, we won! You aren't reading this wrong, but we took the lead to start with, Kanu equalised for them, then we got another and won 2-1!!!! I am still in shock, but we had to play Blackburn after that. We lost, 3-0.

We have had a few players leave, but also a good few players in, all of whom I believe can benefit the squad. I found a parent club in Ipswich town, and have loaned out many of their reserves, which should hopefully give us the edge this season. Our first league game was won 3-2 over Wimbledon, but we lost the next game to Luton Town 2-0. A decent start, but I am hoping for things better to come!

Thanks for reading guys!

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Is this on FM11? Just wondering why AFC Wimbledon are in the same league.

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