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1. Where can I find out how many yellow cards my players are on for certain competitions.

2. Do cards get carried over from qualifying to groups and groups to knockouts?

3. Do the stats (top scorer, top assists etc.) get carried over from qualifying in European Competition?

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1. Not sure.

2. Depends on competition..in Euro 12, if a player has one yellow after the last group game, it'll be knocked off. If he picks up a second yellow in the last game he's suspended for the next game.

3. I think they do, yes.

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1. On squad page you can select stats for all appearances or just Non-Competitive/Competitive/League/Domestic Cup/Continental cup appearances

2. As Wiv has already said it depends on the competition but in all cases any suspensions for Red cards or accumulative Yellows will apply to the next match in that competition.

3. Other than overall international stats on the player page they will not carry over from qualifying to the finals, all players start on 0 value when the finals event begins.

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