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Can't install the game because of Steam servers too busy

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Help. Want to re-install the game, but that annoying Steam keeps saying the servers are too busy, please try again later, it just keeps saying it. Come on SI, fix this. Irritating Steam!

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Game or Steam is Currently Unavailable:

This can happen occasionally when the Steam Client or Football Manager 2012 updates, there are fairly simple steps to resolve this problem:

We very much recommend verifying your game cache as shown here -

If that still doesn't work, exit Steam again, relaunch Steam and re-verify the cache. Continue to verify the cache if this still does not work. If after a few attempts this has not worked for you, please follow the instructions below.

Completely exit from the Steam client.

Go to C:\Program Files\Steam (or the Steam directory that was specified during installation).

Locate ClientRegistry.blob and rename this file to ClientRegistryOld.blob.

Restart Steam to allow the file to be recreated.

If this doesn't work:

Please refer to the following article from Steam’s Knowledgebase and follow thoroughly all the steps mentioned:

Failing that we suggest attempting an old-fashioned uninstall and reinstall (You can delete the game by right-clicking on it in Steam and clicking 'remove local content' - this will not remove any of your old save games. You can then restart the installation process by again right-clicking on the game within your Steam Library).

If the issue persists afterwards, then we will need some information on your computer. This can be gathered using the DirectX diagnostic tool:

From the Windows desktop:

Windows XP

- Click Start

- Click Run

- In the Open box type: DXDIAG

- Click OK

Windows Vista / Windows 7

- Click Start

- In the Start Search box type: DXDIAG

- Click OK

When the diagnostic tool opens you may be asked if you want to ensure your drivers are digitally signed. Click Yes.

The Direct X Diagnostic Tool shows details of your PC including your operating system, hardware and drivers. To create a text file of this information:

- Click the Save All Information button

- Browse to convenient location such as your Desktop or My Documents folder

- Enter a unique name for the file e.g. DxDiag

- Click the Save button

Then post your issue within the Technical/Crashes Forum within the Bugs Forum here -

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