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3d suggestions for fm 2013

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I have been playing the game for 11-12 years but during the last couple ones I never got into the game.

This was largely to my desire to get into the game. The fact that was ultra bugged along with the fact that is was the same game as fm 2011, 2010 with some additional features never gave me the motive to spend time and effort to really get into it. And it does not gave me the motive to buy the next one too.

My email is to be of a creative nature and is not intented to criticise.

Given the fact that I have been a loyal player, I would like to exercise my wright and provide some feedback to the game developers

In my opinion, FM as it is now has came in a position that has done its cycle. It needs a major change for the next version.

I will not concentrate on the AI issues and the rest of the staff as I think they are covered with hundrends of e-mails. I will concentrate on the visual side.

I think that the visual side improvements are as important as the AI and gameplay ones during the next year.

It is 2013 and the game needs to change

As it is now, it has become boring ( this is my personal view). I would make the following proposals:


Try to change the visual interface with a more clean cut presentation with not so many small buttons and lists, while at the same time maintaining the depth of the game

Enhance reality and 3d match experience. Make the gamer feel that he indeed plays the match at the conditions specified,at the country specified, at the stadium specified


1.Include real life stadium models in the game. It will largely improve and add to the experience

2.Leave it open to the gamer/modder to add real life models and associate with teams. It would be great feeling thatyou play at the San Siro, Velodrome, Camp nou, etc. It makes your feel your game success as the team is developing.

3.Add the Stadium build element in the game. It would be so satisfying to enjoy your success by building an ultra-modern stadium. It would be great to be able to have a word on they type, design, roof,. It would be very satisfying

4.Include 3d celebrations for winning trophies. Imperative

5.Include visual representation of a trophy room. So satisfying!!

6.Maps!! Include maps and place club logos based on their location

7.Add player animations, and special skills and moves. Make a player like CR or Messi feasible to be distinguished on the pitch

8.Changing weather conditions

9. 3rd kit for clubs. Allow the player to select the kit for the match.

10. Be able to imporve training facilities and visually represent this


Increase AI in order for teams not to deteriorate throughout years

Increase AI in order to follow a logical transfer policy

Imporve tactics

Enhance and include in game such styles of play as Barcelona's.

Be able to choose your training policy. Summer training camp, when the team should reach top form.

Many will accuse me that I want another game like FIFA or Pro. I understand that tactics, gameplay and AI is most important. However, as years passed by and the game did not substantially changed it came to a point, that it needs to visually evolve too. We are in 2012-2013, the conditions are there, the systems are there, the technical capabilities and software is there, so in my opinion you need to focus to the visual side too

That ;s all and apologies for the length of my message

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personally, i would prefer it if they didn't spend all their resources on 3D graphics and such like. i don't particularly want to have to spend hundreds of pounds updating my system and when i was perfectly happy when it was in 2D.

making the game more difficult with better AI and fewer cheats and a better interface for training youth players is all i really want to see. fancy 3D graphics will only present a pain in the arse for some users whose PC isn't all that new.

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