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Android Screen Sizes.....I know, I know...

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I'm sure you're all looking like this right now: :rolleyes:

But.....just wondering if additional screen resolutions will be included in the final 2012 Android update that's been mentioned elsewhere.

Sorry for bringing it up again :o but I've just bought TW2012 which is full screen and it got me thinking about this once more. I've got an HTC Sensation and don't have fingers like sausages but it would much easier to click around with a full screen version (as well as looking better).

Really hope that you would be able to implement this addition to the final update.

Regardless, great game and really glad that you put in the effort to make it available to Android users. Thanks! :applause:

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I'm afraid there won't be any further screen sizes in the final update (available in the next month or so) - I did look at an 'auto-sizing' solution for stretching the game to whatever size was used (if we didn't already support it) however to be frank, it sucked right royally.

We may add additional resolutions if we do a new version next year - but thats not wholly decided at this time.

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Thanks for the response Marc, I'm still holding out hope that you'll have an epiphany and get it in there ;)

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