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Wanting to move to a bigger club...

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I'm managing in Iceland where a couple of my players asked to move to a bigger club, I replied by saying I will increase the clubs stature which they were happy with. Since that happened I have qualified for the CL group stage, won the league again and turned professional. After reaching the final of the Upper League Cup (a pre-season tournament) they have now turned round and requested a transfer saying 'my failure to increase the club's standing in the game as promised' was behind their decision.

What did they expect, to win the Champions League. Granted, we're still a small club on the world stage, but rather than say they were happy to wait, why not just say they can't wait that long, Rome wasn't built in a day.

Does anybody know what I could have done to keep these players, or were they just destined to leave?

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They want to move to a club with a bigger reputation, there rep is probably larger than your clubs.

Its unlikely you can match their expectations in Iceland given how low the league rep is.

They don't have the time to wait 50+ years for you to improve the league rep.

The answer is to let them go and get some good money for them.

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