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Player Rating (no matches played)

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Out of about 15 players only 4 have form/match rating showing. It says that they havn't played any matches yet which is not true. Any idea?


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Hi, more info would've helped. Screenshots would've helped a lot. Out of 15 players 4 have ratings, but you didn't say how many games have been played nor how many players you've played, what kind of match they've played... but really screenshots since if you've played at least one game then you'd have at least 11 rated players and I don't think I've seen player not getting rating after a game and people would suspect either it's a massive bug or you're toying with them, screenshot of game played will give some idea of what might've happened.

Another probable would be that you're showing the wrong stats... most probable you're showing players international matches instead of club's matches

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