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A little confused with team orders

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I was discussing/posting a few days ago about not being able to break a massive losing streak after I had a massive winning streak.

I tend to keep my sliders all ticked, ie they are not affected by the overall team orders (push up, play narrow, more direct etc) as I manually micro-manage almost every aspect of every player. That said, I always had 'Control' ticked on the overall team strategy.

Then - I randomly ticked 'counter' for a few tough away games, and then 'attack' for some predicted home wins. Guess what - I won and have been back on form ever since.

The press are saying I changed my tactics and are back in contention etc..

My point is - it shouldn't matter what I tick in strategy, as I replicate the changes of the team orders manually - almost to the exact point on the slider for every player - or does it?

I posted before on another forum, asking if there is a 'secret' and subtle change in the overall team's attitude or performance that isn't shown by the sliders, when choosing team strategy - and I was told 'no - it's all down to the sliders'.

So why should changing the team strategy - get such a response from both the team and the press?

Secondly, on a different subject:

Isn't it a bit odd that you can't train individual focus for marking, when you can train for composure? I used to fitness train a Ryman league team, and I remember seeing them work on marking technique/shadowing/marker drills all the time...

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Manual changes override team instructions.

You can individual focus marking, if it doesn't show for you then you need better facilities.

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Okay - if manual changes override team orders - how come the changing of the team orders set me back on track and even prompted the press to say - 'he's decided to change tactics and come up with a win' (or similar rhetoric)??

That's what was clearly missing from my game plan - but if my manual/individual instructions haven't changed - how does that work? I didn't change anything other than the team orders - and I'm winning again......

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