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hi guys, I have saved many games on all the football manager games and I want to start a new save but can't think of who to do, I have a save doing my fav team Liverpool on every game, I have been Tottenham, Man Utd, Arsenal & West Ham in the prem so don't really want to do a prem team, I have been at teams in League One, League two, the BSP and the BSN & BSS, I have also won the chinese super league with Beijing who at the time had never won it, I have also won the league with Santos in Brazil and have played as teams from the A-League plus all the big teams from the biggest leagues in europe (Bayern, Madrid, Barcelona, Anderlecht, AC Milan). I have also done National teams leading England to the European Championships (we got knocked out in the group stage but I still kept my job!) I want a new challenge!!

Give me some ideas please!!! :)

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Win the Champions League with Queen's Park (amateur team in Scottish Third Division) they cant become professional and stay amateur permanently

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