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Another problem with expiring contracts

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Just come across another problem concerning offering contracts to English Players:

It was obviously not possible to offer contracts in January to players in an English Team with expiry date in June/July.

I guess this is only possible in May or later?

However, one player I was interested in got an offer from an Italian Club in January and the deal was confirmed. I had no option to offer a contract at the same time. Is this intended or just another bug?

thank you


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I believe it's intentional - it's one of those strange rules where English clubs can't approach to sign players at other English clubs until a month before their contract expires, but foreign clubs are allowed to approach to sign players with 6 months left on their contracts. It also works the other way in that as an English club - you can approach to sign players in foreign countries who have 6 months left on their contract.

Hope that helps. :thup:

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