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German club players in Isthmian premier league teams

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I started playing as Truro City in BSS and with the help some oldies & youngsters i bought i managed to win both league and FA Trophy in the 1st season. After a really successful season today i started preparing for the BSP challenge and already bought some players. i thought adding some new league will make the league little interesting in the future. so i added spain, germany, holland, italy, france, scotland, poland, portugal and romania (i only started with England, Ukraine and belarus only lol) but only because of i added the leagues on 21st june 2012, couple of leagues including germany will be included only in the start of the next season only. but i decided not to remove them and then on 29th june some teams added to the save file.

New players added to the database now, i decided to check if there is some experienced heads that i can take to push for the title/promotion. What i saw there was some 17 and 18yr old who got the current ability to playe in league 1 or even championship. So i checked the details and found out he's a german youth player and willing to sign the contract without giving any compensation to the club. So decided to check which club is that and it was shocking that it's just an Isthmian league club named Billericay Town. 2nd shock was that it's not just him, an entire Leverkusen II players were in that team. 3rd shock is that they are not the only team and some teams have players from MLS and Japan league too(which i never added).



So basically my save is ruined and i have to start another game if it's not going to be normal at least in the 2013 season where Germany will be officially added to my save file(not like this:( ). So any of you previously experienced this problem and how to change it back or is it going to be normal next season? otherwise i'd wasting my time coz i'm kinda guy who takes 2 to 3 days to finish a season, so any help is really appreciated.

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I'm sorry to hear that! I don't want to sound like Captain Hindsight but for the future:

1. Make sure you always use incremental-autosaves so that the savegames don't get overwritten and you can easily go back to any point of your save

2. Save before you use the add/remove league feature and then holiday 2-3 years to see whether your changes will cause any problems (massive slowdown/crashes/the problem you encountered)

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When I grow up, I want to be just like Captain Hindsight...

But back on topic, sorry to hear about your game, I have a crazy person's approach to saving my game, no save gets overridden...ever.

Currently have 50gb of saves on my laptop, inclemently saves are the only way to go...

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