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Is there a bug with own goals on the latest patch?

Just been playing and have been experiencing between 10-15 own goals a season, when really the maximum should be around 5 I think. Was just wondering if anyone else was experiencing an extraordinary number of own goals. For example, this has happened like 3 times this seasona and I am not even halfway through:


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I experience lots of own goals as well, mainly these happen to the opposition rather than myself.

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I do get more than happens in real-life I think. I also notice that sometimes a goal is classed as an own-goal even when it really shouldn't be. For example... a player may shoot and it hits the keeper but goes in. Surely if it was on target in the first place it shouldn't be an own-goal? Lastly, I've also noticed quite a few stupid own-goals where for example... the ball comes off the goalkeeper onto the post then back onto the head of the keeper and into the net. Hilarious though!

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