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Idea - Youth Academy challange

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Ok so i found a "Maximum Age" option in the editor, i was trying this with my FM2011 and it's quite hard, i need help here, could anyone make a team on FM2012 (i haven't bought the game) like this:

Name: Youth Academy

Six Letters Name & Nickname: U21

Stadium: Wembley

Maxed Morale, Reputation, Training, Balance, Transfer Budget, Wage Budget

Put in Blue Square Bet Premier (replace worst team)

So you think it's easy? No, no, there's one more:

Maximum Age: 21

So the story is:

FA is disappointed by English's youth development, they want youth players to play against senior teams so they got more experience, then someone which is very rich tell FA that he could help with the budget, so FA agreed and make a youth team and allow them to play in Wembley, so your goal is to take them to glory!

P.S. sorry i never wrote a long text before :p

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