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i like to go on holiday at the start of the season

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i dont know why but i hate how slow paced the game feels at the start of a new season so i like to go on holiday till late december. the first season i did it with pat rice and we both managed to get to the cl final and did well in all competitions with an average arsenal side. after that i brought in a new assistant manager as old pat went off to die. so i did it again and went on holiday at the start of the new season and it was awful my assitant wasnt picking the right people and also moral was very low and i ended up getting the sack as the early season form was so bad. my question is this, i need to know what stats on your assistant that make him a better manager while im on holiday.

thanks im now an unhappy manager at chelsea thanks to my assistant flop any advice cheers xxooxx

p.s most of you might think i should play it myself but im lazy and ruse to do it as it makes the game more enjoyable i find i can play it longer. i've gone a week now playing fm12 24/7 with sort breaks watching re-runs of glee

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Guest avine


I ll holiday through games and after the end of the season to think the way of how to win la liga next season. Comparing with Barca,in a first view i i 'only need' 100 points:rolleyes:. At the start and during the season it is not time to holiday

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what gives u a better chance of winning ?

Actually playing them myself, but I still can't be bothered and I know I can build a team strong enough that even the worst assistant manager will be able to make them compete.

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